Batman and Robin 4 – 5


Batman and Robin #4
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Phillip Tan

First I have to comment on the elephant in the room – the new artist. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Quitely but his work was breathtaking – and I really miss it. Tan’s not a horrible artist but a lot of his storytelling is a bit off and too dark. It is hard to figure out what is going on sometime. That being said – I am intrigued by both the Red Hood (Is it Jason?) and the Flamingo. Morrison is great at creating characters and the Red Hood’s new look is so comic booky it’s perfect.


Batman and Robin #5
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Phillip Tan

This was a fun ride! This was definitely the best issue of this book since the first issue. I love Morrison’s characterization of Jason Todd – it took four years but we actually get to see the reason why he was brought back to life – so he could be in stories like this. The Red Hood as the next gen Batman is a great idea and I like how Jason is even aware that that he is trying to do. Like he said it is when the ipod took out the walkman.  Morrison even remembers that Jason’s hair is not naturally black! Which is something that has annoyed me. Forget Under the Hood and COuntdown – this is the best Jason has been since returning to life. I have a feeling he is actually dying again because of the zits and the grey streak – perhaps he was only temporarily returned to life. I hope that I am right because it would be great for one last story to feature him before his death and he can go back to being Batman’s biggest regret. The art is still not great – but not as confusing as last issue. Flamingo is freaking scary as hell!  This was an exciting issue of Batman and Robin.


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