Being Introduced To The Web and The Hangman


The Web #1
Written by Angela Robison
Art by Roger Robinson
Co-Feature by John Rozum
Art by Tom Derenick

I was pretty excited to read this. Not because I have any familiarity with the Red Circle characters, but because I really enjoyed the Shield’s first issue and the Web is just an awesome looking character and that cover is beautiful. Now I didn’t read the one-shot and his origin – in terms of why he became the Web is not recapped here – which would have helped but it didn’t necessarily hurt the story which involves the Web searching for the reasons why his brother was murdered. There are a lot of intriguing things about this character – from his costume to his internet presence and rich family. This should be a lot of fun. The Hangman back-up was actually even more interesting then the main feature, I like the idea of the Hangman and I didn’t think I would. I like that he literally becomes the Hangman at night by transforming and he is also visually appealing. Robert Dickering is an interesting character.


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