Visually Appealing


The Shield #1
Written by Eric Trautmann
Art by Marco Rudy
Co-Feature by Brandon Jerwa
Art by Greg Scott

And so begins The Shield’s adventures in the DC Universe. And I have to say that I think that this is going to be a VERY good series. I know very little about the military but I am immediately found this to be rather enjoyable and I already like this character. He seems like an all-around good guy (unlike say Magog who shows up in this issue) and just a stooge for the military. I also think the nature of the character allows for some some stories that can touch on contemporary issues (Although I hope they still keep the fun of the DCU in it, which so far they seem to be doing well). I really liked Rudy’s art and The Shield is an incredibly visually appealing character. That is one thing that the MLJ heroes have over the other recent immigrants from another comic company, Milestone. The MLJ characters are much more visually appealing because they weren’t created in the over-the-top costumes of the ‘90s.  Not that I dislike the Milestone characters, I just think they need some new costumes. The Inferno back-up was a good start but I was distracted by the art – which I did not like it at all and made the story hard to follow. One thing DC should have done with both is have a recap of what happened in the Shield and Inferno’s one-shots because not everyone who picked up this book definitely picked up the one-shots…I know I sure didn’t.


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