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Titans (Volume 2) #17
Written by Pat McCullum
Art by Angel Unzueta

I like how these done-in-one issues are really placing the Titans in their positions for the future. Last issue hinted on the idea that Starfire would be joining the Justice League – here it looks like Beast Boy decides to mentor the Teen Titans once again. At least it looks like Red Devil didn’t die for no reason, it looks like his death is the reason for the mentors to come back. I really like the current line-up of the Teen Titans, and I hope it doesn’t change too much, but I am excited to see Beast Boy mentor them again, which is something that I didn’t think I would be. Although I am sick of see writers portray Wonder Girl as an incompetent leader. This was a good issue. The only problem I found was what the hell did Unzueta draw Raven and Donna wearing! Women do not wear clothes like that if they are not in porn!


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