A Beautiful Reunion


Adventure Comics #505
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul
Co-Feature by Johns and Micheal Shoemaker
Art by Clayton Henry

The main story surpassed even the first issue as we finally get to see the reuniting of lovers Superboy and Wonder Girl. And guess what, it went really well! I was expecting a break up or something annoying like that but instead they were just honest with each other and nobody acted angsty or anything. Connor was mature enough to understand why Cassie had her fling with Tim while he was “dead” and I think that’s great and a refreshing change of pace for these characters. It was good to see Brainiac and Lex Luthor again and to see Luthor’s reaction to Superboy being still alive and other events around the DCU. I especially liked how the mainstream press is aware that the Justice League is on the verge of collapse haha. It looks like Lex may have made another clone…could there be two Connor Kents flying around soon? A new Match? We will see I guess. The Legion back-up was okay I guess. This isn’t my Legion and I still need to get used to that. Lightning Lad just seemed angry the entire time.


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