Bat-Face or Two-Bats?


Batman #690
Written by Judd Winick
Art by Mark Bagley

So I really don’t know why Two-Face is dressed up like Batman at the end of this issue. I am assuming it was him that was in the Tony Daniel Battle for the Cowl teaser, that makes sense since Winick was originally slated to write Battle for the Cowl. I am not really sure what is going on with Two-Face, Penguin, and Black Mask but I can’t wait to find out who Black Mask is. This was a decent issue and it definitely showed how skilled in combat Dick Grayson is, but I can’t say there was much here to get me too excited.


One thought on “Bat-Face or Two-Bats?

  1. I too have mixed feelings about this story line. I’m following it dutifully to see where it goes, but I’m not crazy about the art work. I read your review below of Batman and Robin 3, and I agree with you. Too confusing.

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