Different Colorist or Inker?


Gotham City Sirens #3
Written by Scott Lobdell
Art by Guillem March

I don’t know what happened to Paul Dini and the story that was solicited for this issue, but I don’t really care because I really enjoyed this issue. Sure it wasn’t about the Sirens but it was a great Riddler story. The confrontation between Dick Grayson Batman and Riddler was great. I loved how Dick’s detective skills are not as good as Bruce is, but he is able to fake it (through the use of Alfred and the Bat Computer) so it seems like they are. Of course the Riddler still knows there is something different about Batman. The art was also a lot better then the two previous issues. March really stepped up his game. I have a feeling that this issue featured different colorists or inkers because I really liked the art as opposed to before. But I could be wrong.


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