Interesting Way To Start A Run


Justice Society of America #29
Written by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges
Art by Jesus Merino

This was certainly an interesting way for Willingham and Surges to begin their run on this title. Hell I don’t even care if Mr. Terrific is really dead, he is an annoyingly overused character anyways. (I am sure a lot of people will hate me for saying that but it’s how I feel), I just hope that Obsidian doesn’t turn out to be the bad guy here. That has been done too many times before and we don’t need another gay villain, especially when there is a conservative writer on board this series. The best thing about this issue has to be Merino’s art. I think he is a worthy successor to Dale Eaglesham. I would have also liked to see Power Girl…you know…act like a leader. But it’s not like Johns wrote her like she was the leader of this team either. The new characters, All-American Kid and King Chimera are interesting and I look forward to learning about them.


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