Cassandra Cain Will Be Back


Batgirl (Volume 3) #1
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Lee Garbett

You know I should really hate this book. My favorite character – after being disrespected by DC editorial since her series ended and ignored in other bat titles – gives up her role as Batgirl in this issue to Stephanie Brown! But I am actually not that upset, because it is totally in character for her. Cassandra thought the world of Bruce and I do believe Bruce’s death would cause her to not want to wear his symbol anymore. I hope it is only temporary and she comes back to help Steph or goes and helps Tim in his adventures – but I am okay with it for now. Granted though, this would have been a lot better if it starred Cassandra Cain, but Stephanie was someone Cassandra really liked and I understand why she gave Steph the cowl. I like Barbara’s involvement in this as well and I am curious as to where this is all heading. But please bring Cassie back sooner rather then later!

2 thoughts on “Cassandra Cain Will Be Back

  1. I agree 100% about not completely disliking this book but I won’t be buying it. The art work is good and I do like the idea of Barbara being involved. What I can’t understand is WHY IN THE WORLD is DC shelfing Casssandra Cain(Wayne)as Batgirl when last year they did a complete character change on her part during the Crisis which was tolerable I guess, after they explained their logic in doing it ONLY when there was an uproar from fans about the disaproval of the shift in character change. Then giving fans what they want, they bring back Cassandra as Batgirl in Outsiders which was great, fans believing that this is the return of Cassandra to the Batman Family now all of a sudden during this Batman Reborn era series ( which I don’t understand why she was not in the Battle For The Cowl storyline WHICH is another issue) their doing the same thing over again replacing her with a mediocre character with the same typical storyline with a teenager trying to balance their life as hero and a normal life. I just don’t understand what DC is doing. SO, hopefully Fans will uproar again about the misdirection of Cassandra Wayne and bring her back and keep her back. Until then I won’t be buying.

  2. Cass will be back. Didio has stated that big plans await her. She’s my favorite DC character of all time. It sounds like Diana aka Wonder Woman may be getting x’d out in Blackest Night-curious if Cassandra may not be getting groomed to become the new Amazon heroine?

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