She Blinded Me With Science


Supergirl (Volume 5) #43
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

Wow! That was a really powerful story much more compelling then any of the Superwoman issues. I really enjoyed this issue. Gates tells a day-in-the life emotional story of Kara writing to her dead father but at the same time managed to further the mystery of Superwoman by introducing the idea that Lucy stayed in the apartment of a Kryptonian woman who has since disappeared. Supergirl joins the science guild in this and it reminds me so much of how she is like her cousin, she is joining because she wants to understand in her mother better. Kal joined the military guild to keep an eye on Zod while Kara joined to keep an eye on her mother. I like that. This was really the first issue where you get the feeling that Alura does really care for her daughter and that maybe she just shows her love indirectly, like showing Kara the different guilds so she can make that choice on her own. I liked that and it fits Alura’s character and upbringing perfectly. Igle draws a beautiful New Krypton. This was an awesome issue.


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