The Boy Wonder Meets The Girl of Steel

sb62Superman/Batman #62
Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson
Art by Rafael Albuquerque

You may think I am nitpicking, but this blog is called the CONTINUITY Blog for a reason. Robin simply did not wear that costume yet when Kara first came to earth. The editor should have caught this and told Albuquerque cause there is no way this adventure takes place one year after Infinite Crisis. Unless it takes place right before Supergirl joined the Teen Titans…hmmm…I suppose you could place it there but it seems like Kara should have met Tim long before then. Otherwise, this was a really fun issue. Any time we get to explore Arkham it is a good comic and this is no different, and Albuquerque’s art is perfect for this book! I never really liked his Blue Beetle art because I thought it was too cartoony but I think he adjusted his style or something because I enjoyed his art here a lot. I am glad he is the regular artist.


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