Imposters And Skin Suits


Batman: Streets of Gotham #2
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Dustin Nguyen
Co-Feature by Marc Andreyko
Art by Georges Jeanty

Okay I did not expect the main story with Hush to go the way it did – but I liked it! I am very interested in seeing how this plays out with Hush posing as Bruce and Dick not being able to do anything about it (I assume). it was also cool to see the League’s reaction to Bruce’s  fake return. We still don’t know who the new Black Mask is and I hope we find out soon enough. I also wonder who this mysterious new vigilante guy is? I hope it’s some guy from the past and not some random new duded. Nguyen’s art kindve annoyed me because it was said that Gordon was there – but I did not see Gordon. Did he read the script? But I really enjoyed this issue. The Manhunter Co-Feature was kick ass and I liked it even better then the last issue. Jane Doe is one scary villain! Art-wise it seemed like Kate was drawn like a little girl sometimes and I didn’t like that at all but story-wise it was great.


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