An Actual Good Issue of this Book… Wow!


Titans (Volume 2) #15
Written by J.T. Krul
Art by Jose Luis

This was really more of a Tempest story then a Titans story but that is okay. We haven’t had a Tempest story in a long time and it is good to have him back. Is the stranger who left the Aquaman uniform Joseph Curry or the Aquaman during Final Crisis? I hope it’s Joseph cause I want to know what the hell happened to him. I am not sure how I feel about Dolphin and Cerdian being dead but I will wait to see how this plays out in Blackest Night. Is it just me or are they seemingly setting up Garth to be the new Aquaman? That could be interesting as it is a direction I did not see coming at all. I have to say this was a really well-written and good issue of this series, which is a rarity these days. Heck this is definitely the best art that has ever been in this series.


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