The Name Still Stinks But This Issue Is Better


Red Robin #2
Written by Christopher Yost
Art by Ramon Bachs

This cover gave away the identity of Red Robin months ago when it was released so I don’t know why DC tried to pretend like it was a big secret. Anyways, I enjoyed this issue much more then its debut issue. I am starting to rethink my attitude about Tim going “dark” he has been through a lot of shit. I don’t like the way he treats Stephanie in this though. Poor Stephanie Brown is always treated like shit even though she is always just trying to help. This series really should have continued Tim’s old numbering because it is very much a continuation of the “Robin” series. Don’t you wish Tim chose to be the new Nightwing instead of this Red “I am a burger chain too” Robin bullshit. It’s a great looking costume and always will be but the name really stinks. I also don’t like that Tim is always referred to as Tim Wayne now, I get that he wants to respect Bruce but isn’t that a little bit disrespectful of his real father, Jack Drake? Anyways, this was an enjoyable issue that kept me much more entertained that the prior issue.


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