Diana Is Not Going To Put Up With This


Secret Six (Volume 3) #11
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott

This book consistently hits it out of the park month-by-month and this issue was no different. This is some dark and violent story-telling and that is what makes the humor all the more welcome. Slavery is one of the worst or the worst of all crimes. It is a really horrible thing. I like that the Six are fighting over it and I find it amusing this is the second time in this series that they have brutally mutilated each other because they disagreed on something. These are some bad mother fuckers, even if they make you laugh once in a while. I am really starting to like Jeannette as a character and I enjoyed her moments with Artemis. Of course the Amazing Amazon showed up in the final page and made me all the more exciting for the next issue. Diana is not going to put up with this shit.


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