Miller Gets The Characters, Bennett Does Not


Teen Titans (Volume 3) #72
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art by Joe Bennett
Co-Feature by Sean McKeever
Art by
Yildiray Cinar


Joe Bennett is not doing his best here at all. I mean Superboy and Wonder Girl never wore those outfits when they were together in that flashback and girls don’t wear belly shirts like that when they go out. I mean Miss Martian’s shirt was shorter every time he drew it. It was ridiculous. I am far from a prude, I don’t care that the characters are being sexualized, I care that they are realistic. And being 21 and so far off from my teen years, I can tell you that teenage girls don’t wear shirts like that. I have to say this though, Bennett does draw some amusing facial expressions in this issue. The story by fill-in writer Miller was actually pretty good. Miller definitely captures each Titan’s personality rather well and I liked the night on the town story’s Juxtaposition with Wonder Girl’s fight at Alcatraz. I just hope that funeral scene at the beginning doesn’t really mean one of these characters is going to die, cause we really DON’T need any more of that shit in this book. The Ravager back up was interesting and McKeever is always good with her character, but it hasn’t hooked me just yet.


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