Dini Makes Firefly Fly


Batman: Streets of Gotham #1
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Dustin Nguyen
Co-Feature by Marc Andreyko
Art by Georges Jeanty

The Former Detective Comics creative team of Dini and Nguyen begin their run with this new series and I have to say one again another Batman book was really good this month. This series reminds me of Gotham Knights, in the way it focused on the Bat’s supporting cast, and that is something I have seriously missed since that book got cancelled. Nguyen draws Damian strangely like Tim at first but later in the book he seems to have gotten a handle on the character. I love how Harley is still kinda wearing her costume even when she is not wearing her costume. Check out he last page of the main feature, that is some gorgeous art by Nguyen. Dini’s script is fantastic as if there is anyone who can really write good Gotham villains, it’s Dini and he makes firefly particularly scary in this. In a way Firefly has never been. The Manhunter Co-Feature also was really exciting. I like how both the art and the writing really made me feel that Kate belongs in Gotham. It’s like Manhunter has always been a Gothamite. I think it was a great way to start her new feature.


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