Best Fight Ever!


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #32
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopestri

Now that was a mother fucking battle! Seriously, that was the best fighting issue I have EVER seen in a comic. I am utterly impressed and after this issue I have to call myself a Wonder Woman fan. I have always loved the character, but now I am a F-A-N thanks to Simone and Lopestri. Lopestri’s art is breathtaking and he really shows how he can draw Diana. One of the most disgusting moments, when Diana pulls her lasso out of Genocide’s body; it is done with such class, no overly-done blood like if it was drawn by Eddy Barrows or an artist like that. If you like action at all in comics, pick this up! And Diana admits she doesn’t love Nemesis, I like that because it is honest and I have never really liked their relationship that much. Why did I not hear anything about this issue before I read it? This was fantastic.


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