She’ll Still Kick Ass Without It


Green Arrow & Black Canary #20
Written by Andrew Kreisberg
Art by Mike Norton

I enjoyed this issue but there were some things that bothered me. For one, why are Ollie and Dinah acting so damn violent?!They are heroes, they should not be kicking and throwing things in a freaking office. For another thing, why does Dinah act like her mom is still alive or at least doesn’t mention that she is dead. And is Kreisberg hinting at that there is secret reason as to why Dinah has the sonic scream? Because that would be a lame unneeded retcon.  Almost as Lame and uneeded as retconning in the murder of the parents of Barry Allen (Oh wait DC did that already!). I hope that is not what Kreisberg is going for. I like the new villains; Discord and Cupid that Kreisberg has created. The idea that everyone in Star City has gone deaf is pretty awesome and makes Dinah’s Canary Cry particularly ineffective but Dinah is an excellent martial artist, one of the best in the wold in fact, she doesn’t need it. Oh and look for a cameo from the Shield


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