Mashed Potatoes


Superman/Batman #60
Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson
Art by Francis Manapul

Hahaha I really enjoyed this issue. You know when Loeb was on this book I got annoyed when it was set in an alternate reality because well, it seemed like that is all Loeb ever wanted to write in! But here I don’t mind, this was a lot of fun. Batman and Superman find themselves in the Mash-Up world of Gothamopolis defended by the Justice Titans (There team is made up of characters who are combinations of Justice League and Titans characters ie Hal Grayson aka Night Lantern) and the big bad villain is Lex Joker. Not only is the story fun but the book is beautiful to look at. Manapul was great on Legion but he is even better here. If this is the quality of the work we are going to get on Adventure Comics then we are in for a real treat! Hats off to the colorist as well.


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