Crazy Goat Man


Brave and the Bold #23
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Jurgens

Hahaha a kid actually calls Magog Goat Man in this issue! Awesome! Magog drawn by Dan Jurgens is the first time that I actually have liked the look of the character. That shows how great of an artist Jurgens really is. Yet DC let’s Ed Benes draw Justice League of America. The world is fucked up. My favorite moment of this issue was Booster’s pure shock at seeing Magog tear the guy’s arm off. You tore off his arm! Are you a maniac! I love how Booster Gold, a character who once was known for selling out and only caring about himself, is being portrayed as the true hero compared to Magog. This was much better then anything Johns wrote about Magog in JSA. Jurgens is a fantastic writer and artist and I never really appreciated his talent enough before reading this issue.


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