Tinder The Bard And Other Fun Names

The Warlord (Volume 4) #2
Written by Mike Grell
Art by Joe Prado

For someone knew to Skartaris like myself, this issue really helped a lot. Grell knows how to make a comic accessible. The entire history of the Warlord (I assume) is retold in just a few pages by a the Bard, Tinder, in this issue. We don’t see the newcomers from Earth again in this issue but I assume we will soon.  Prado is a fabulous artist. DC should use him on some high profile books. I really like his stuff here. I must say if you are a fan of fantasy even a little bit, this is a book you should be picking up. I am really getting into Skartaris in just two issues! The only complaint I had is I wish more happened this issue but that’s they are limited by the number of pages.


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