The Boy/Girl Wonder

Secret Six (Volume 3) #9

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott

This was one fantastic issue. I have to say this was probably my favorite issue of this series yet – and that is saying a lot! Catman, Bane, and Ragdoll head to Gotham to stop some kidnappings because apparently Bane doesn’t like kidnappings. The whole time Bane and Catman talk about taking on the mantle of the Bat while Ragdoll dresses like Robin and declares himself the Boy/Girl Wonder. Hilarious. Scott’s art is just amazing and perfectly suited for this book – or well – any book! She is just a fabulous artist, probably the best artist DC has right now (Yet Ed Benes continues to get work) We even get an appearence from Nightwing who is acting rather Batman-like. Is that foreshadowing of things to come? Everyone should buy this issue.


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