Lots of Revelations

Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #31

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Bernard Chang

Unfortunately, I had been spoiled that Genocide was truly the future Diana before I read this issue, but I was disappointed to hear that. I wish people had explained it to me further because this issue reveals that she is not the future Diana but the corpse of Diana possessed by the essence of Ares. I like that a lot better. This issue revealed a lot. Ares is behind basically everything from Genocide to Cheetah’s motivations to the rise of the Olympian. Awesome. I like how all of this is starting to fit together nicely. I wonder why the artist was changed this issue but it doesn’t really matter, Chang does a good fill-in. I really hope Etta Candy wakes up from her coma just in time to kick some ass. That will be an awesome moment.

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