The Girl With No Glasses

Power Girl (Volume 2) #1
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Connor

I read a review of this issue that said it was overwritten. And I wish I hadn’t read it before I read the comic because I don’t think I would have noticed the overabundance of text if I hadn’t. Oh well. Anyways, I really enjoyed this. Connor’s art was a little darker then it usually is but it was still good. I like the guy that Karen was interviewing, looks like a future PeeGee villain if you ask me. The only problem I had with this issue is Power Girl is talking like she just came to this earth. She has been here for years. In fact according to the excellent Chronology of the DC Universe (which DC should pay the guy who wrote this and adopt this as their official timeline) the original Crisis was 11 years ago in her time! So she has been here quite a while. But anyways, I really liked this after all and I look forward to reading more about the solo adventures of PeeGee. I have to ask this though: Why doesn’t Karen Starr where glasses to protect her identity?

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