Naked Immortals

Outsiders (Volume 4) #17
Written by Peter Tomasi
Art by Lee Garbett

I am happy to say that I guessed that the Insiders were immortal in the same way as Vandal Savage (the meteorite) before it was revealed! Go me! And have the Insiders always been standing around naked? How did I not notice this before? Deathstoke’s involvement I did not expect at all and I am not sure that I am excited about it. He is one of the most overused villain. But I think this is at least the first time we have seen Tomasi’s take on him so it’s not so bad. The action sequences were great and I like how Tomasi really utilizes each of the Outsiders respective powers. They are making a really effective team so far. Katana’s hair seemed to change in the middle of the battle though which is pretty bad art continuity but that’s jsut a nitpick. So far this new direction is still going strong.


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