I Miss Ryan Choi

Superman/Batman #58
Written by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Mike Johnson
Art by Wilce Portacio

I enjoyed this story a lot. Microscopic civilizations are always fun. It makes me miss the All-New Atom. It also reminds me of that one issue of JLA where they go into the kid’s brain and find a civilization living on it. The idea of Superman exploding from absorbing too much solar energy has never been explored to my knowledge. It’s such an obvious thing I am surprised that any other writers have never thought of exploring that. Even I have never thought about it. Am I wrong to say this is a new concept? Portacio’s art takes some getting used to and there were a few times where I felt that this story would have been better served with a different artist. But I think all-in-all this was a decent fun read.

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