So Far So Bad

Vigilante (Volume 3) #5
Written by Marv Wolfman
Art by Tom Lyle and Scott Hana

This is Part 2 of the “Deathtrap” Crossover that began here. In this issue, the Titans and Vigilante fight and then Vigilante escapes way too easily and then Jericho takes over the Teen Titans Jet and starts using it to shoot at the Titans. Ya it isn’t really exciting. This whole crossover is a mess so far. Jericho as villain has been done so many times that I am still not convinced this story is bringing anything new to the table. He just isn’t a very scary villain, and it seems out of character. I had hoped there would be something more to this then Jericho fights the two teams and Vigilante but so far that is all this has amounted to. Wow. The Titans books are a mess right now. The coloring was off on people’s hair this issue as well.

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