Cat Fight Underground

Green Arrow & Black Canary #19
Written by Andrew Kreisberg
Art by Mike Norton

That cover, by the way, is hideous.Am I right to assume the guy on the last page is the one teased as the future Black Canary villain? Anyways, this was a decent issue I guess. Black Canary’s way of tricking Cupid was clever and I guess it makes sense for her to be reminded of the times Ollie has cheated on her, but at the same time this is a crazy woman obviously and it is not Ollie’s fault, I don’t think Dinah has any right to be mad at him for it. I also don’t get why Ollie is all of a sudden becoming dark and violent. It doesn’t make sense, there wasn’t any event that caused this in the last few issues, it just came out of no where.

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