Action Comics #876
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Eddy Barrows
and Sidney Teles

All I can really say about this comic is that it was bloody. Barrows drew so much blood it kind’ve made it hard for me to read it, and I am not afraid of blood! I love horror movies and I had no problem with that violent Nightwing issue everyone complained about last year! Why was so much blood and all that needed to be shown. I did not need to watch Thara get brutally stabbed. It was completely unnecessary, and this is coming from someone who has no problem with sex and violence in comics and doesn’t care if kids start to read comics or not. Besides that, this was a good issue. The story was good and we learned more about Ursa, Thara, and Chris and it was great to see Chris go to Lois for help. Rucka just needs a different artist because I am not really impressed with Barrows’s work right now. All the women are way to sexualized and everything is way too bloody, and like I said I usually don’t mind that but this was over the top.


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