Killing D-Listers

Green Arrow & Black Canary #18
Written by Andrew Kreisberg
Art by Mike Norton

I’m sorry but killing off members of Green Arrow’s very limited rogues gallery seem like a pretty awful idea. I get that this Cupid is supposed to be the newest Green Arrow villain but there is no reason to reduce his rogues gallery just to make her look good. Sure they were kindve D-list villains but who knows, some writer could have come along some day and turned them A-List. That bothered me. What also bothered me is Green Arrow being so vicious. I am not going to judge right away cause I imagine Kreisberg has some reason for Ollie acting this way. I also am not sure that Ollie should be able to knock out Dinah that easily, I mean she is a better martial arist then him right? I wish Kreisberg wrote Dinah as a more competent hero that she truly is instead of just as Green Arrow’s trophy wife sidekick.That’s not to say this issue was all bad. Cupid is an interesting villain and I liked the art and the arrow signal, there are just some things Kreisberg needs to improve on. And I bet Winick ain’t too happy he just killed off Brick.


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