Indigo Omens

Titans (Volume 2) #10
Written by Judd Winick
Art by Howard Porter and Jesus Saiz

I’m sorry but why wouldn’t the Justice League and the Titans think of wearing more secure goggles. Those goggles fell off their head every chance they got. The main story was a typical Winick battle issue. I originally thought that Winick was leaving the title after this issue, but the Origins and Omens back up makes it look like he is staying after the McKeever crossover as it looks like he is bringing back Indigo! The one-time Outsider who I really loved is featured in the last splash page and I really hope that this means she’ll be back! Winick may not have done the best on this book, but if he brings back Indigo in it I am going to be singing his praises. Oh and Nightwing leaves the “team” in the back up as well. This issue was decent, the coloring was a bit off sometimes though. Red Arrow had blonde hair in a panel or two and one panel made it look Wonder Woman was wearing just a bra. But It wasn’t a bad issue by any means.

Keeping His Eye On Zod

Action Comics #874
Written by James Robinson
Art by Pablo Raimondi and Renato Guedes

At first I was a little angry that Superman even considered renouncing Earth and living on New Krypton as Alura offered, but now I see that he is only going to do it to keep his eye on Zod. Good idea and I think Lois will understand why he has to do it. You know, a year ago I never though the Superman books would be this good. But tying them all together and creating this awesome storyline has really got me excited. I can’t wait for each new issue.¬† I’m not sure how Mon-El is going to survive the end of this issue but I know he is. the backup focuses on the Guardian; a character I don’t have much interest in but I suppose Robinson will convince me to like him.

Secret Romance

Green Lantern Corps (Volume 2) #33
Written by Peter Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason

I love how finally this book is getting around to truly focus on Kyle Rayner, the greatest of Green Lanterns. this was more of a character-driven issue focusing on the newfound romance between Kyle and Soranik while at the same time we check on Mongul and the Star Sapphire. I wonder how Kyle and Soranik will keep their romance secret from the guardians? The origins and omens back-up was a cute story about the Corps being led by Kyle to paint a mural of their history. We also see a flash forward where it looks like Jade might be coming back. I don’t know.

The Glasses And The Bun Don’t Work…Go Figure

Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #28
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopestri

The battle against Genocide continues here and we even get the return of the creepiest Wonder Woman villain: Dr. Psycho! He hasn’t been seen much since Infinite Crisis and I am glad to have him back. Even if he has switched bodies with Sarge Steel. Genocide’s eyes apparently show one the end of their life. I still have to wonder who created her. The society couldn’t have created a god, could they? As for Wonder Woman, she is vicious and kicks some major ass this issue. The hardened warrior in her really shows. I loved Nemesis’s comment about her secret identity. I am glad he knows. Oh and it looks like Cheetah is behind something bigger then we though. Great stuff.

Long Live The Legion

Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 5) #50
Written by Justin Thyme
Art by Ramon Bachs

Yes, Shooter didn’t return for this issue and neither did Manapul. I was really looking forward to see how they would wrap up this series and therefore, I am really dissapointed. That is not to say that this was bad. Whoever Justin Thyme is, he did give us a happy ending for Dream Girl and Brainy and finished the invaders/virtural war arc thing. But Gazelle acted completely out of character and we never found out what was going on with Princess Projectra. It’s really a shame. Didio’s comments about this was pretty rude at New York Comic-Con, basically saying he just wanted it to be over and done with. I get that he didn’t get along with Jim Shooter for some reason but this is just a slap for the fans. Whatever comes for the Legion post-Legion of three worlds, I will always remeber this series as the one that made me fall in love with the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Black Lantern Boy of Steel?


Adventure Comics  #0
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul

Wow! I expected something about the Legion in this Origin and Omens back up story (The main story was a reprint of the Legion’s first appearance I won’t cover here) but instead we got stuff about Lex and Brainiac which was only so-so, until we see….CONNOR KENT! Yes, it looks like the one true Superboy will be back for Blackest Night as the Guardian, Scar, alludes to this in this issue. I can not wait! Things are always so magnificent when Geoff Johns is behind them. As for this series, it looks like it will be in the Superman family of titles when it officially starts in June but I am not sure. Anyways, the DCU shall be an interesting place this summer.

Secret Six 5 and 6


Secret Six (Volume 3) #5
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott

And DC’s craziest series gets even crazier in this issue as the villain Junior is revealed to be Ragdoll’s sister. I can’t believe I never thought of such a thing before as the villain did fit in a box! She is even scarier looking then Ragdoll. ss666.jpg

Secret Six (Volume 3) #6
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott, Favi Pina, and Pete Woods

In the main story, learn more about Ragdoll’s sister and it turns out the one asking for the card is Mad Hatter who I am excited to see. He really doesn’t get enough appearances for a Batman villain. We also learn more of the perfectly disturbing backstory of Jeanette. Oh and Deadshot betrays the team. He was my least favorite member, so I really hope he is out for good. I like that despite they are working together, they really are still villains. In Origins and Omens backup story, we get some panels that could show the future of the team as well as an explanation of their origins by Mad Hatter who looks to have bad things in mind for their future. Awesome issue.

True Faces Of Evil


Birds of Prey #126
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Claude St. Aubin

This was another fantastic issue of Tony Bedard’s run which is sadly coming to an end next issue. Out of all the Faces of Evil issue, this one was the most “faces of Evil”-ish of them all. Most of the issue, in fact, all of the issue is dedicated to the Calculator. This must take place after Final Crisis, as we get mentions of the internet going down like it happened during Final Crisis. The true evil that is Matchmaker is also shown this issue as he matches a young serial killer with a victim. Luckily he is stopped by Huntress. I’d like to reiterate that I really hope these Platinum Flats characters are used in other places around the DCU. They are really great villains.