Lame Ending For A Great Series

Birds of Prey #127
Written by Tony Bedard and Kevin Van Hook
Art by Claude St. Aubin
and Fernando Pasarin

Meh….this series ended after ten years with a rather lame story about Calculator gaining some Kilgore powers and blah blah blah. Barbara has had mission go wrong a lot, and now she decides to disband the Birds? I don’t buy it. It was all too rushed and didn’t give a proper end to this series. And if DC even think about making her Batgirl again….I will scream! She is Oracle, she has grown as a character, let’s not live in the past. Not to mention we all know Cassandra Cain is the one true Batgirl. What a lame ending to a great series.

3 thoughts on “Lame Ending For A Great Series

  1. Cassandra Cain is very soon, nor frankly in my opinion ever was, “the one true Batgirl”. Let’s not live in the past, ok?

  2. Ooops I meant to say she very soon will no longer be that character, yet Cass fans lament about it, the very same that Babs/Batgirl fans lament about daily with her as ‘Oracle’. See we fans aren’t that different after all!

    • I’m a babs/batgirl if she does return as the ahem “one TRUE batgirl” I will scream…with joy! I mean don’t get me wrong I love cassandra I really do, but the chick hardly ever talk she muffles a few words here or there. And she’s more Kung-fu driven then detective driven. If seeing the original batgirl jump from rooftops and standing side by side with the dark knight is living in the past then so be it.

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