An Amazing New Beginning For The Outsiders

Outsiders (Volume 4) #15
Written by Peter Tomasi
Art by Lee Garbett

It’s no secret that I am big Outsiders fan and I enjoyed Dixon’s run (mostly because of Batgirl) so I was going to like this no matter what. But DAMN this is good. Tomasi bring back the original roster (minus Batman and plus the Creeper and the new Owlman) and reveals the real meaning behind the name Outsiders. Together they represent different sides of Batman and they are the “Batman” OUTSIDE of the Gotham. It’s Bruce’s way of protecting the whole world. Also revealed is that their is an unknown enemy behind all of the enemies the Outsiders have fought over the years. Garbett’s art is pretty good too. Everyone should check this out. It’s really a new beginning for the group. I like how Tomasi is really playing on the Outsiders history (Unlike Winick, who ignored it and thought he was writing Titans) and continuity. I am even interested in the two new members who I know very little about. Each of the Outsiders are asked to leave their lives outside the group behind for the time being, and Black Lightning reluctantly agrees. Does this mean he is going to leave the Justice League? Sure seems so but it isn’t mentioned in this book. Anyways, this was fantastic!

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