The Glasses And The Bun Don’t Work…Go Figure

Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #28
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopestri

The battle against Genocide continues here and we even get the return of the creepiest Wonder Woman villain: Dr. Psycho! He hasn’t been seen much since Infinite Crisis and I am glad to have him back. Even if he has switched bodies with Sarge Steel. Genocide’s eyes apparently show one the end of their life. I still have to wonder who created her. The society couldn’t have created a god, could they? As for Wonder Woman, she is vicious and kicks some major ass this issue. The hardened warrior in her really shows. I loved Nemesis’s comment about her secret identity. I am glad he knows. Oh and it looks like Cheetah is behind something bigger then we though. Great stuff.

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