The Black Lantern Boy of Steel?


Adventure Comics  #0
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Francis Manapul

Wow! I expected something about the Legion in this Origin and Omens back up story (The main story was a reprint of the Legion’s first appearance I won’t cover here) but instead we got stuff about Lex and Brainiac which was only so-so, until we see….CONNOR KENT! Yes, it looks like the one true Superboy will be back for Blackest Night as the Guardian, Scar, alludes to this in this issue. I can not wait! Things are always so magnificent when Geoff Johns is behind them. As for this series, it looks like it will be in the Superman family of titles when it officially starts in June but I am not sure. Anyways, the DCU shall be an interesting place this summer.


One thought on “The Black Lantern Boy of Steel?

  1. Yeah, I almost missed out on this until I heard about the last page, and they managed to find a copy for me at the store.

    But from Scar’s apparent confusion, we can’t tell if Conner Kent will somehow not be a Black Lantern because he will be under Luthor’s control. Some people say he will be alive after Legion of Three Worlds, yet facing his corpse as a Black Lantern. Something for everyone, there, I guess.

    So now I guess I gotta get Adventure Comics when it starts up….

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