Ra’s In Mourning


Nightwing #152
Written by Peter Tomasi
Art by Don Kramer

In this penultimate issue, Ra’s al Ghul summons Nightwing to tell him of Batman’s death. I liked the idea that Ra’s wouldn’t be too happy that anyone else could kill Batman besides him. Ra’s always respected Batman and it shows here. He even says it himself. (As much respect one CAN HAVE for someone they want to kill I guess). Although Batman’s demise in Final Crisis and R.I.P was badly coordinated and not handled right, I think his absence will create some interesting stories for the Batman family and I am getting excited about it. This issue was a great way to explore how Bruce’s absence will effect both enemies and allies, much better then O’Niel’s arc did.

One thought on “Ra’s In Mourning

  1. “(As much respect one CAN HAVE for someone they want to kill I guess)”
    It’s an idea that seems to come up a lot in comics, doesn’t it? I’m pretty sure there’s been more than a few occasions that Doctor Doom, for example, actually prevented someone from killing a member of the Fantastic Four for just that reason. It’s a good idea for writers to play with, as it both pumps up the hero in question, and portrays the self-centered arrogance of the villain. After all, what the villain is really saying is what the hero’s death should really be about is the villain’s triumph.
    Anyway, I think you’re right: as long as writers keep pursuing reactions like this, the death of Batman should produce a fairly interesting batch of stories.

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