Rich White Guy…Just Sayin’


Blue Beetle (Volume 6) #34
Written by Michael Sturges
Art by Rafael Alburquerque

Doctor Polaris to Blue Beetle: Don’t You People Ever Stay Dead

Blue Beetle: Not Traditionally, no

Awesome. That was just one of fantastic lines in this issue of Blue Beetle. Another one had Blue Beetle saying that the guy responsible for all this was a rich white guy….just sayin’ Hahahaha fantastic. I loved it. Sturges seems to have such a liberal viewpoint it will be interesting to see how he works with Willingham on JSA. As for the story itself, it was pretty to-the-point Blue Beetle defeats Doctor Polaris (He faked his death last issue) and Brenda and Paco finally decide to start dating. This series is wrapping up, but there hasn’t been a drop in quality.

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