Besides The Art


Justice League of America #28
Written by Dwayne McDuffie
Art by Ed Benes

The Justice League encounters the Shadow Cabinet story continues in this issue. I don’t want to sounds like a broken record but Benes’s art is just awful and just takes away from the story. As for the story, I did enjoy it much more this issue. It looks like Superman and Icon are working together. Which is cool because Icon was the “Superman” of the Milestorm Universe. It would be interesting to see a team up between Superman, Icon, and Captain Marvel. The final page was quite a surprise and I definitely didn’t expect the Shadow Thief to be involved. All of the characters of the Shadow Cabinet are really interesting and get more screen time this issue then last. I would like to learn more about them and wouldn’t mind if DC gave them their own book. Anyways besides the art, good issue.

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