Immortal No More


Wonder Woman (Volume 3) #27
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopestri

Despite emphasis put on other members of the trinity’s storylines right now, this is really the one everyone should be looking at. Genocide defeated Wonder Woman in battle, and has not only stolen her lasso, but wove it into her body! Now that’s creepy. As for Genocide herself, I have read a lot of people saying she is poorly designed, but I really like her look. I loved Donna and Wonder Girl’s reaction to the news of Wonder Woman’s death, but they do seem a little quick to assume Wonder Woman’s dead. I mean Diana has died before, and has come back. And here she isn’t even dead, so what are they worried about exactly? Sarge Steel is still acting crazy and I have no idea why. And Zeus’s proclamation of what is to happen to the Amazon’s is EXACTLY something the Greek God would do. I wonder how Wonder Girl will react to her own father taking away the immortality of the amazons?

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