Colorists Suck Sometimes


Green Arrow & Black Canary #15
Written by Andrew Kreisberg
Art by Mike Norton

Andrew Kreisberg begins his run on this series, and unlike his work on Batman Confidential, I was pretty damn impressed. He starts out the issue making it look like Dinah is the damsel in distress, but then shows she has had the upper hand the whole time. One thing Winick often forgot was this series is about Dinah as much as Ollie, and I think Kreisberg really remembers it here. The art, I was not so impressed with. Norton’s work here is subpar and the coloring was just awful. People’s hair color changes from red to blonde to red. Connor and Roy have black hair in one scene! And Roy has the wrong costume. Mia was never Speedy at the time Roy had that late nineties Arsenal costume! That being said,  I did like the trip down memory lane. I don’t know how I feel about Connor and Mia leaving. I did like the whole condoms joke though, that made me smile. So far, so good with Kreisberg.

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