Justice League Vs. The Shadow Cabinet


Justice League of America #27
Written by Dwayne McDuffie
Art by Ed Benes

Ugggghhhh! Ed Benes’s art is horrific!! Why is he still on this book! Seriously, every one looks the same and I am just so sick of it. It really is distracting from the story. Why can’t DC get rid of this guy! This issue would have been fantastic if it wasn’t for the art. So we are introduced to the Shadow Cabinet and Icon from the Milestone books, and they are okay looking, but very nineties it seems. I don’t know why everyone keeps talking about the death of Dr. Light in this issue considering he dies in Final Crisis, which I assume takes place after this! Is this another editorial fuck up on DC’s part? I wouldn’t be surprised. I guess Zatanna is a member again. Maybe they asked her off-panel? To be honest, McDuffie does know how to write the JLA well, and he would really shine if Benes was gone. But with Benes, he barely even flickers.

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