Ingesting Monopoles


Blue Beetle (Volume 6) #33
Written by Matthew Sturges
Art by Rafael Albuquerque

Now I am guessing Jaime is not actually as dead as he seems at the end of this issue. The only evidence we have for its actuality is that the scarab says he is dead. But I don’t think DC would kill Jaime in such a non-heroic way; a cheap shot by the new Doctor Polaris. Plus there are three issues left of this series. Brenda and Paco’s talk while being held captive was hilarious and really shows how Sturges really understand these characters. The Teen Titans guest star and it didn’t seem forced at all; especially considering Blue Beetle is now a Titans himself. It was pretty cool to see Jaime yell Titans Together and Sturges even manages to maintain the relationship Jaime has with Red Devil over in the Teen TItans book. I am not sure if Monopoles are an actual thing, I will have to look that up. Not to mention I doubt that Doctor Polaris could just ingest such a thing, but that is comics for you. And the title of this post is unintentionally dirty….awesome.

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