She’s Back In The Family!


Batman and the Outsiders (Volume 2) #13
Written by Frank Tieri
Art by Fernando Dagnino

The Outsiders don’t actually appear in this issue (having disbanded last issue) and neither does Batman (having dissapeared after R.I.P) but damnit I am happy, I got a Batgirl issue! Cassandra is being her usual bad ass self kicking ass and taking names! Alfred referring to her as part of the family made me soooo happy, as she really has been ignored as a member of the bat family ever since fucking Loeb didn’t include her in Hush. (Fuck you, Loeb) and especially since Beechen turned her evil for a bit. I hope Nightwing and Batgirl don’t actually fight next issue as that would just be stupid, I have seen enough of that shit for a lifetime. I hope they work out their differences as Alfred suggested. It is cool to check in on Gotham’s underworld of crime and to see all of the villains again. Tieri needs to write a Batgirl ongoing because I really like how he characterizes her. He gets her a lot more then Beechen does (Beechen doesn’t get her at all). But DC, she doesn’t need to be in her own book, but she does need to be a member of the Bat family and to be a constant guest star in Batman and Detective Comics because ignoring her is stupid. She is a great character. It looks like from the solicitations she will be leaving this book, so she better be showing up in Battle for the Cowl so I can get my Batgirl-Fix. Oh and kudos to Tieri for featuring the Spoiler in this as well. And Dagnino’s art was superb.

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