Been Done Before


Batman Confidential #23
Written by Andrew Kreisberg
Art by Scott McDaniel

I really hope Kreisberg’s run on Green Arrow and Black Canary is better then this because after two issues he has yet to win me over. This all stinks of been done before (which almost every arc of this series has been except for the Bedard and Nicieza arcs) and also being a rip-off of The Dark Knight. DC can we have something else besides Joker stories in this book. There ARE other Batman villains. McDaniel’s art is so distracting and ugly I can’t handle it. I have yet to understand why DC keeps putting him on books. Unless you like reading the same Joker story over and over again, do not check this issue out as it adds nothing new to the Batman mythos.

One thought on “Been Done Before

  1. I couldn’t agree more, when are we going to see a fresh new take on the story and characters. The revived Batman movie franchise deserves better graphic novel material to help keep those newly found fans interested in the genre.

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