Decapitation and Health Tips


Secret Six (Volume 3) #3
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott

Yes! I guessed what the card did half-way through this issue and I was right. The card all the villains are after keeps one out of hell. Makes perfect sense, none of the villains want to go to hell when they die. The new member of Secret Six that we glimpsed this issue look interesting, she must be a dominatrix or something. This issue was freaking amazing by the way, the art was fantastic, and Simone’s writing was superb. This is the kind of series that makes you laugh and grosses you out at the same time. Perfect dark humor. If you don’t like violence in comics, don’t read this because it get pretty gruesome. In once scene, the incredibly scary new villain Junior, just rips off some prostitute’s head with his bare hands. Junior is so creepy it will make your skin crawl. Bane is definitely acting strange in this issue, he keeps giving health tips to Scandal and I am not sure why. Does anybody know if this is normal behavior for him? I only really know him from Scott Beatty’s Batman Gotham Knights run so I do not know a lot about his personality.

One thought on “Decapitation and Health Tips

  1. I’ve got no idea if it’s typical behavior for Bane or not but his paternal attitude towards Scandal has been interesting and kind of hilarious. I love the way these incredibly messed up characters related to one another.

    And Junior… Junior disturbs the hell out of me.

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