That Is So Lex

Batman Confidential #6
Written by Andy Diggle
Art and Cover by Whilce Portacio

This was a surprisingly great conclusion to the first arc of Batman Confidential. The whole thing with Lex–which annoyed me at first–is explained away by the idea that Lex made it seem that it was a robot that looked like him who did all of that stuff. So he is cleared of charges once again. That is so Lex! The announcing of Bruce Wayne creating the Wayne Foundation was fantastic and the final panel seemed like a great ending to a Batman Movie. In fact, I think this whole arc owes a lot to Batman Begins. But I think the stuff that is brought from that movie isn’t a rip-off, it is just an homage. While I don’t think this arc should have lasted six issues, I do think in the end it turned out to be pretty good. I can’t wait for the Joker stuff next issue.

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