Barbara Is Pissed

Birds of Prey #107
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott

Gail Simone is leaving this title on a very high note. Sean McKeever (he still is taking this over right?) has very big shoes to fill. This is the conclusion of the Secret Six vs. Birds of Prey arc and it couldn’t have ended better. I am happy to say Ice is alive and back to her normal self. I was worried for a second there they were going to kill her off as soon as they ressurected her but nope, luckily I was wrong. Seeing Ice recognize Guy Gardner’s name put a smile on her face, it was his name that took her out of her evil spell. Any fan of the JLI would know why that would be. It will be fun to see those two re-unite. Barbara seems really pissed at Spy Smasher at the end and rightfully so. Spy Smasher is a bitch and a half. Oh and I am going to miss Lady Blackhawk, hopefully she will be back soon.

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