Jason Todd Gets Kicked In The Balls!

Teen Titans (Volume 3) #47
Written by Adam Beechen
Art by Chris Batista

Adam Beechen begins what will be a very short-run on Teen Titans with this issue. Initially, I didn’t like it. I am not sure why now, maybe it was because of the art change. I am not sure. But on the second read, I did enjoy it and felt that it was good for what it was. We get a fight with Match and the investigation of the Joker’s Daughter’s murder from Countdown. I don’t think you have to read Countdown to understand this but it would be good if you did. I liked the ending, it got me excited for the next issue. I even liked that Wonder Girl chose to go to Supergirl to talk her problems out as we have seen them become friends over in Supergirl’s own book. My favorite moment must be Robin kicking Jason Todd in the balls. That was hilarious and a great moment. I laughed out loud. We all know Jason deserves it more than anybody.

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