Lovers Reunite

Green Arrow (Volume 3) #74
Written by Judd Winick
Art and Cover by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens

This is a controversial issue of Green Arrow because of the renewed relationship between Dinah (Black Canary) and Ollie (Green Arrow). I know that a lot of people seem to think that it is unreasonable for Dinah and Ollie to get back together since their relationship has never worked in the past because of Ollie’s immaturity. But I mean come on, it is Dinah and Ollie, they are meant for each other. The banter between them is great this issue. How they go from screaming at each other to kissing is amazing. It feels right and this is coming from someone who has been reading comics since after they broke up and doesn’t remember them being together (accept for the brief time at the beginning of the series). I am really happy to see them. Oh and how they stay in bed for what days is hilarious. I can’t wait to see them get hitched. Besides that, the art is actually decent in some parts of this issue which is a rare thing for me to say about Scott McDaniel. And I love how the Arrow family really works together this issue. Green Arrow has built a great superhero “family” of his own.

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